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Discover some amazing stories and hear from other like-minded business owners that have joined the Deluxe Lash Supplies family.


Ultra glue

This glue dry fast and there is good amount of glue in it. It doesn't finish quick which i like.


Ultra glue

Dry fast. Amazing retention. This glue will keep your clients coming back!


Ultra glue

I love this glue! The only problem i can tell is that i find dried glue around the lead but from the day i used nozzle wipes the issue has been solved. Will order again.


Ultra glue

I always use volume fans and i was searching for a good glue to make the fans stick nicely. I saw great results using this glue. recommend!


Ultra glue

Love Ultra glue! Easy to work with, dry fast. I refresh every 4 weeks as they say and it is amazing. Very happy with my purchase every time.


Ultra glue

I used both Ultra and Ultra+ glue. I like Ultra a bit better as it works so well with volume fans. I love it so much and great retention.


Ultra glue

The best! Been using it for 3 months now and won't use any other glue. Thank you for your amazing products. I also use Deluxe Lash Supplies Lashes and they're amazing too.


Ultra glue

Could not be any happier. Amzing product. Dry fast and amazing retention. Clients are happy. Thanks.

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