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About us

Deluxe Lash Supplies is the #1 premium eyelash extension Australian Supplier!

We only provide high quality products for our customers. All Deluxe products have been made and tested by professional lash technicians.

we are located in Perth, Western Australia.

The founder and director of Deluxe Lash Supplies is a professional lash technician herself with years of experience. She is always seeking high quality products, especially lashes and glues, so she can have happy clients who love the way their lashes look, and return after weeks with more than half of their lashes intact! That's why she is famous for her high quality products and has named her business DELUXE LASH SUPPLES!! That says it all!

She has decided to share with the world what she uses on her clients! Now you can incorporate Deluxe Lash Supplies products into your business so you can use HIGH QUALITY, CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN Deluxe products and find your forever happy clients.

We welcome you to the Deluxe Lash Supplies family, and we look forward to seeing your business grow. We are always here for whatever you need, just drop us a line at and we'll do our best to help!

Supplied by Professionals for Professionals
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