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Deluxe Lash Supplies Foaming Lash Cleanser is perfect to clean your lashes from dirt, natural oils and make up. Cleaning your eyelashes is essential to maintain healthy lashes, avoid eye infections and increase the life of your eyelash extensions.


'' specifically tested for sensitive SKIN/EYES ''


To get the best retention, before you start lashing you must apply a small amount of lash foam to your client's lashes with an eyelash brush. Rinse off gently with water, then use a mini cool fan to dry their lashes. Then apply Deluxe Lash Primer to the lashes and dry them again. 


You can also provide these foaming cleansers to your clients with a lash brush so they can take care of their lashes at home and they will have better retention.

Foaming Lash Cleanser


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