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Take your lash game to the next level with Deluxe Lash Supplies Extreme Russian Silk Lashes.

We are so excited and proud to announce that Deluxe Lash Supplies is the only Australian lash supplier that can provide you with Extreme Russian Silk Lashes. They are the newest and best quality Russian lashes in the lash world!! GAME CHANGER!!

All Deluxe Extreme Russian Silk lash trays are handcrafted, curls and thicknesses are matched. Deluxe lashes have been tested by professional technicians to make sure they are high quality which helps with retention.

These babes won't feel heavy on your client's eyes! They feel nice and light! They are so soft, fluffy and matte.


Making fans with these lashes is super easy! Once the fan is made, the base becomes nice and thin. These lashes are also perfect for pinching method.


Create those stunning FLUFFY volumes by making wide fans up to 10D. Or create depth, fullness and mega matte fluff by making 11D-20D fans.

You can create 2 breathtaking looks only with our gorgeous Extreme Russian Silk Lashes. (FLUFFY volumes or DARK mega volumes) Try them today and fall in love.


C Curl: Slightly less curve than the D Curl

0.03 Thickness: Slightly thinner than 0.05

Length: 8mm-15mm (mixed tray)

Material: Extreme Russian Silk

16 rows per tray

Stable Curl

Vegan & Animal Cruelty free

Extreme Russian Silk Lashes- C Curl 0.03


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