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Our best selling Super Cashmere Lashes are now available in L Curl!

All Deluxe Super Cashmere lash trays are handcrafted, curls and thicknesses are matched. Deluxe lashes have been tested by professional technicians to make sure they are high quality which helps with retention. These lashes are easy to work with, fluffy, and have a very soft feel, suitable for multiple Russian Volume fanning techniques.

L Curl is the newest curl in the lash industry and offers an alternative to the M Curl! It's perfect for lifting the outer corner and creating that stunning Cat Eye look!

These lashes are available in a wide range of curls so you can choose which look you want to create for your clients including EYELINER look! (as you asked)

Our Super Cashmere lashes won't feel heavy on your client's eyes! They feel nice and light! 

Foil backing allows for easy removal from the tray.


Curl: L

0.05 Thickness: Slightly thinner than 0.07 and thicker than 0.03

Length: 6mm-13mm ( 1 length per tray )

Material: Super Cashmere

12 rows per tray

Stable Curl

Vegan & Animal Cruelty free

L Curl (Fox Lash Extensions)


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