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We are so proud and excited to introduce you to your new best friend forever!


Deluxe Lash Supplies Ultra Plus Glue can be used in every humidity level and it dries fast!

This is one of the best glues we have ever used! We tried this glue on our difficult clients and they came back for refills after 4 weeks with a big smile on their face! YES! BEST RETENTION!


Ultra Plus Glue has been specially made for Deluxe Lash Supplies.

Note: If you know of any other glues called Ultra Plus, it does not necessarily mean it is the same glue. They might have the same name but contain different ingredients. Do not be fooled!

Shake well (1-2) minutes before use.


Dry time: 1-2 seconds

Fumes: Low

Retention: 4-6 weeks

Colour: Black

Ideal Room Temp: 18-25C

Humidity: not essential

Made in the UK

Perfect for both Classic & volume


To get the best retention use the right amount of glue, apply the lash correctly and you will be amazed by the results!


For professional use only.

Ultra Plus Glue


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