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Everything you need to clean your client's lashes with. No mess!



1x lash rinse bottle (250ml)

1x Brush

1x pack of lash wash sponges (4 sponges in 1 pack)


How to Use:

Simply place one of the sponges into, or hold under water for a few seconds until it expands to full size. Fill up the lash rinse bottle with water.
Apply a small amount of Deluxe Lash Supplies Foaming Lash Cleanser to a Lash Brush, and rub onto lashes. After cleansing, rinse cleanser off lashes with Deluxe Lash Supplies Lash Rinse Bottle, then simply hold one of the Lash Wash Sponges under the eye so the water doesn't make a mess. Keep it classy!

Eyelash Cleaning Kit


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